Who I am

Born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, I grew up in the most amazing bubble. Loving the bay but needing a change I moved to Scottsdale, AZ when I was 19. Deciding after about a year that I wanted to pursue my horse dreams in the bluegrass of Kentucky I moved to Lexington, KY and transferred to UK. I now live in Lexington and am in love with the state of Kentucky. The most common response I get is "you moved HERE from CALIFORNIA... and you like it???"

The truth is although I love my friends and I love California, it never felt like my place. I always felt a disconnect and longed to be somewhere else but I could never pinpoint where. In Kentucky I feel at peace and at home! I crave it when I am away and love the life I have built there in this last two years. I have my horse, Nolan, with me (you'll hear a lot about him) and met the man I'm going to marry (yes he knows). I've fell in love with the christian faith where I've discovered and built a relationship with God. He has transformed my life, way of thinking, finances, love for people, everything.

Through this blog I'll be discussing all of the above. I am an entrepeneur who is always building, creating and thinking up new ways and ideas. Currently building three businesses, in my senior year at UK and about to start my real estate license, life is never dull and that's the way I like it!



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