Week 5: Too Big for Your Britches

I think we’re all guilty of being too big for our britches at one point or another. It’s easy to compare that saying to being full of yourself or cocky but the underlying evil is pride. When we become prideful we lose sight of what the Lords plan for us is. It's so easy in the day and age we live in to become prideful of all the wrong things. You get a couple hundred likes, you’re excited and feel a sense of pride and worth because strangers on the internet liked your picture. We live in a time where “everyone gets a trophy” so it’s easy to misinterpret when it's your own pride or when its God. John said it best he said “Humility + Honesty = Honor” Remembering to live each and everyday saying that over and over is the most difficult thing in our society.


Pride makes a better door than a window…

In other words - pride gets in the way of A LOT. Including our relationship with Jesus. It prevents us from growing. We discussed something tonight that really resonated in all of us. Although there are many different translations of the bible, simple word changes can leave a larger impact. In James 4:8 it says “Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded” However in Katie’s bible it reads “Draw near to God and he will draw near to you…”

We all decided that the word draw instead of ‘come’ makes this verse more powerful. When we draw near to God it is as if he is pulling us to Him. We discussed that when you begin your journey with God, you feel a draw towards Him. It makes you act differently, it makes you want to live differently and be different to strangers, there is a draw that you feel.

When we read the words “and He will draw near to you” it is a written expression of how He works His will in you. How He has a plan for everyone of us and all it takes to fulfill it is us drawing near to Him.

John mentioned that we all have blindspots. We all don’t realize them until we run into something and get a wakeup call. That wakeup call can occasionally be someone else letting us know or us disrupting something in either our lives or someone elses and needing to check ourselves. We talked about how the only person you never fully see is yourself. Katie said that there was a study done that if you were to be cloned and saw yourself walking down the street you wouldn’t recognize yourself. That’s a crazy thing to think of. We have such a distorted version of ourselves in our head that you literally wouldn’t recognize yourself.

$100 bills…

Jesus died for us y’all…. Yet we still continue to view ourselves as worthless. We sulk in self pity and want to be anything else but ourselves. Unfortunately this is only heightened in our age of social media. Sometimes it is truly difficult to determine if its the devil talking or if it's God talking to us. It’s easy to justify an action as “This feels good, it makes me happy, this is what God wants” or “this is easy, God wants me to have an easy life so this must be what God wants.” It can be applied to just about anything. John gave us a powerful lesson when he said “before I sin, Satan whispers ‘you should do this!’ After I sin, Satan whispers ‘why’d you do that?!’

We’re all going to make mistakes, none of us are perfect. What is important is when you look back on your mistakes do you remember the lessons God taught you?

God doesn’t just want to forgive us, he wants to heal us. We saw this during the sermon when John crumpled up a $100 bill. Our condition does not determine our value. PLEASE READ THAT LIKE A MILLION TIMES.

Your situation does not determine your value
Your childhood does not determine your value
Your reflection in the mirror does not determine your value
Your past does not determine your value
Your mistakes do not determine your value

The only one who can determine your value is God and y’all he loves you. So live your life for Him and you will find your value, I promise.

Walk Tall my loves!!

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