Week 2: Bless her heart

Tonight we met at Goodfellas in the Distillery District on the patio and talked about the sermon from Sunday “Bless your heart” which taught on God’s will for us to truly understand how our words impact others. While getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, we had another amazing discussion on how powerful we are with our words, both negatively and positively. We live in a world where judgement from others is what we strive for. Likes on an Instagram post, approval from our peers, co-workers and male counterparts and of course, attempting to seem perfect to move up in our career. The truth, that we all agreed on, is to learn to see your worth and accept that you got to where you are because you are a boss and you have an unwavering faithful Father.


Don’t be a hypocrite:

Jesus taught everyone he met about judgement in one way or another, he noted to never be a hypocrite and to “First get rid of the log in your own eye, then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friends eye” (Mathew 7: 1-5)... Translation? Quit judging others when you have no room to judge from where you’re standing and the only judgement that matters is His. Never ever tear someone else down to make yourself feel better!! Especially as a female in the workforce, we have to remind ourselves everyday to lift everyone around us, as we are all in it together. We said that we need to be “Us against the problem” NOT “us against them.” The truth is we never know what someone else is going through. Sometimes God gives a reality check as he did me the other day. For those of you who weren’t at the meeting I shared that as I was feeling sorry for myself last weekend, I felt the need to go out to the barn (where my horse is) even though I had already ridden that day. So I drove up to find that my sweet friend was in the process of filing a restraining order against her boyfriend who has been beating her this last year, and I had no idea. That’s perspective. My petty self pity vanished and I realized that God was trying to show me how blessed I was. Let God be the judge, for your own self and for others.

Walkin’ with Faith:

Olivia made a great statement; she said that in the working world, women are the minority so a lot of the time we see other women as competition, like there can only be one of us at the top. She said we need to acknowledge that there IS room at the table. To help her get there. Katie said that a lot of the time she gets negative feedback when she is trying to share her business with other people, inviting them to join her as if she's asking for something negative. She said “I’m trying to share with them the same opportunity that I got” I LOVE THAT. Share opportunity always, there's always another seat at the table. Taylor mentioned the book “Love Does” where Bob Goff describes all the things that you should be doing on a daily basis to SHOW love. Seeing love as action instead of just a word is how Jesus lived and how we need to live everyday. Especially in the workforce where there is so much judgement and hate, be the one that loves first and allow your faith to shine through your actions daily. Love is an action, not a word. When you walk with faith and you act (or try to act) as Jesus did, your world will not only change but it will expand. You’ll build new relationships and literally change lives. Taylor said “Sometimes it’s not about being like ‘hey, do you know God?’ but actually being a godly person and letting people see how God has changed your life."

The struggle is real:

Jon said the most amazing quote on Sunday, “Most people struggle deeply and change slowly.” We all have internal and external battles. If only we could know when someone else is struggling deep down. It’s easy to bypass others problems because to you they don’t seem like a big deal. Katie said that when you’re becoming a counselor they teach you to NEVER say “well that's not a big deal” because it could very well be a very big deal to someone else. Sometimes it’s all the little things that pile up and make your shoulders feel so incredibly heavy. The BEST thing you can do is give it up to God. Pray, ask him to show you the light, even if it’s just a glimpse so you know where this struggle leads to. Remember He always has a plan, trust in Him, even when things get tough.

Prayers to Pray this week:

Pray for Jill’s event tomorrow evening and her friend who is currently in the hospital

Pray for ALL the studying that Olivia is doing

Pray for my friend to use this awful experience to get to know Jesus and all the good he implements in our lives

Pray for everyone in the group to continue to grow together and with God and allow us to be conscientious of what we say to others and how we judge.


This week , I challenge everyone of you to write down one time you encourage someone. Write down what you say, it could be via text, phone call, email, anything! And bring your quote to the next meeting!


Had such a great evening with you all! Next week will be a pre-4th of July BBQ potluck so if everyone could bring a little something that would be wonderful! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Have a blessed week and remember to be encouraging to others AND to yourself.

You got it queen #werk

Walk Tall,

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