Week 1: There's Purpose in the "No"

Isn’t Jesus amazing?! He has the power to bring women from all different lives, backgrounds, places and seasons together. I seriously loved meeting you all and have a feeling these next 7 weeks will give us light in places we never even knew existed. Y’all are so smart, passionate and willing to give advice which is EXACTLY the reason I wanted to create this group.

I think sometimes we get lost in all the noise of life that we forget the reason we’re even here. Like in 1 Kings 19:9-10 when God asked Elijah “what are you doing here?” Do you ever feel like God is asking you that and you just want to scream I DON’T KNOW! Well the good thing is, God knows, he always knows the answers to the question. Even when it’s hard to tell if Gods questioning you or if you are questioning you, know that He has it under control.


Knowing when to say no...

It’s really really hard to simply give it up to God. If you’re a bit of a control freak (like me) you want to know the plan, so that you can plan. Most of the time all we can do is trust in Him and let Him lead the way. Tonight we discussed LOTS (yay!) but the main theme we had was having purpose in your life, even if that means saying ‘no’ to some things so that we can say yes to Jesus. That is HARD… we live in a society where putting everything and anything above yourself is considered an achievement. Kirsten brought to our attention that it is easier said than done. I know how that goes, isn’t it so easy to have all the answers when you’re looking from the outside in? We’re all experts right? Putting your family first, putting your career first, saying yes constantly to the point your shoulders are so heavy and you’re so buried that life seems like a routine of ‘yes’ followed by no reward. Hear this… God is the only thing you should put above yourself. Say no, talk to God, ask him for his guidance and his help. Pray for inner peace and self-love. You can only do so much. Do not be afraid to ask for help. “Busy” is not a compliment, it's a societal construct of putting all the weight on our shoulders and doing it with a smile, even if it hurts like hell. Know when to just say no.

Life's seasons…

Today, we tend to see perfection everywhere we turn. It's on billboards, in magazines and especially on social media. The truth? Life is MESSY.. You know it, I know it and Jesus knows it. The hardest part of life's messes are knowing you’re not alone. Our Boss Babe Jill talked about her experiences through life and how if you keep your faith you will constantly feel God’s hand in everything you do. Pain can be extremely isolating. Divorce, marital issues, kids being difficult, businesses failing, all of it hurts. When we’re in seasons of our lives where all we see is darkness, look up. God’s voice did not come to Elijah in a windstorm, or an earthquake, or a fire but it came in a “gentle whisper.” Don’t miss this, of all the earth shattering things God can create, yet He speaks His truth in a whisper. Sometimes we’re so caught in the windstorm, earthquake or fire that we forget to listen. Easier said than done, I know. But look up.. You have a father who is faithful, He’s seen your life, He knows your pain, but you are here. Listen, ask questions, but know that this season of your life is happening for a reason, God always has the bigger picture and always has a plan.

Finding a purpose in your post…

We all agreed today that we’re in a love/hate relationship with social media. Kenzie made an EXCELLENT point of saying that finding your purpose through what you post actually makes social media beneficial instead of an enemy. Creating content that people can RELATE to rather than COMPARE to… I think we can all agree that is genius. Taylor mentioned Olivia Rink, who actually realized her usage of instagram was becoming a different person than who she really was. This can get dangerous. It's SO easy to “do it for the gram” right? Get the likes and if there's not enough likes, you aren’t good enough. Y’all that's INSANE. God did not give us these bodies to post on a platform to only feel less about ourselves. Use your faith in everything you do, including social media. Like Kenzie said, make content that is real and that people can relate to. Be honest and open about your faith and think of your creator before posting photos to only get attention. Katie made the amazing comparison that social media is unfortunately (and fortunately) crucial in this world we live in, IF we can figure out how to use it to our benefit. It’s easy to see people doing the same thing as you, with 100k followers and think less of yourself EVEN IF YOU’RE DOING THE SAME THING. Don’t let social media define who you are, instead let God define who you are THEN show it to the world.

Prayers to pray this week…

Pray for strong relationships with spouses or boyfriends for everyone in the group. When we are blessed enough to have a partner to walk with in this crazy world it’s crucial that you let God help you. Pray with your significant other, be open and honest and don’t be too “busy” to ask for help.

Pray for all these boss babes’ businesses! We have been blessed to be put on the path that we are on. It might not be where we thought we would be, but it’s where God wants us, trust in Him.

Pray for Olivia studying for the BAR (rock it sister)

Pray for all the success in Jill’s amazing blog launching at the end of this month

Pray for happiness and inner peace within yourself


I challenge everyone of you to be selfish for ONE day this week, see what happens.


Had an amazing first meeting with you gals and can’t wait for more insightful, open and honest conversation. Have a blessed week and see y’all WEDNESDAY! Place is TBD right now, I’ll shoot you an email on Sunday or Monday (;

Walk Tall,

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