Upcoming Fall Semester

In this unbelievably fast 7 weeks, I think we can all agree that we made friends! God truly blessed us with amazing girls in this group. I want to first thank all of you as you let me pretend to know what I was doing! I can not wait for our fall semester because now I have a good grip on what direction I want this group to go and how to structure our meetings. However, I loved every single one of our discussions. I love how even though we barely knew each other, from day one we were able to deep dive into tough discussions, difficult prayers and honesty, both with each other and with ourselves.

While our group was in session Jill began kickin butt in her business!! I got engaged to the man who showed me Jesus!! Katie’s brilliant husband took his test (and we know he rocked it)!! Olivia kicked the BAR’s butt!! And so much more. Basically what I’m trying to say is that God is good. And He is the best of all time to show us where we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to get there. It is HARD walking alone in this world, but with girls like you all, and the faithful God we all know, nothing is impossible.

So (tearing up) thank you girls for the last seven weeks, I hope they impacted you even just half of how they impacted me. AND I’m so excited for this next semester (because now I think I might know what I’m doing?? Fake it till ya make it right?)


Fall Semester directory opens on Sept. 8th

Groups will meet from Sept. 22nd- Dec. 21st

I will have to change our day/time around because of a class I have Wednesday nights.

Please comment below the best times for you AND days that absolutely can NOT work. I’ll try my best to make it work for everyone.

Next semester we will be following a book

Options are below and we will vote on which one we want!

For the Love - Jen Hatmaker

Own Your Everyday - Jordan Lee Doley

Life of the Beloved - Henry Nouwen

It's not supposed to be this way - Lysa TerKeurst

So if you’re going to join us again (which I hope you are!! - Olivia we are going to Facetime you in) please purchase the book before our first meeting (:

Walk tall,

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