Missy Gilliland Clinic

Missy is coming to the Bluegrass! A very accomplished dressage rider and outstanding trainer, Missy focuses primarily on the riders biomechanics.

It is amazing how much us riders influence our horse, often in a negative way. Missy has the ability to change the way you ride, to not only create a stronger bond between you and your horse, but a much stronger ride both physically AND mentally.

What is great about the way the trains is she has made almost every horse she has ridden to the top. She is well aware of the horses that test our patience and sanity and knows exactly how to work through problems, by working on you as the rider.

Missy was recently in Kentucky competing at the Dressage Nationals at the Grand Prix level and placed with her stunning ride, Sam.

The clinic is going to be FUN, we will provide breakfast with mimosas (how can you turn that down?) and lunch. It is a Wednesday & Thursday clinic, the day before the KDA May show and May Days, which makes it perfect timing to prep for your dressage test(s).

Come ride or even just come watch and take notes!

We are honored to get to have this clinic at Queenslake Equestrian Center, a breathtaking facility in Georgetown.

Sign up soon to get a spot! Schedule will be sent via email Monday, May 21.

Any more information and for sign ups please contact me.


(925) 997-6557

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