This morning I slept in until 7… bless. Then I got up, cleaned up the little mess that was in the kitchen, made the bed, and got ready, then looked in the mirror to realize I had nowhere to go or nothing to do…. Panic. I was forgetting something, looked at my real estate schedule, checked google calendar, checked my written planner, looked through the to-do list on my phone and realized that besides working out and riding my horse and some school work I had “nothing” to do. This is dedicated to all you doitallers. That is those who do it all, all of the time, just because we can. Those who write to-do lists for the day which look like most peoples to-do list for the week or the month.

I prefer my plate full. Actually, that’s a lie, I prefer my plate overflowing. I panic when I have a moment to breathe, having free time creates more anxiety in fear of forgetting something or “wasting my time” when I could be “getting stuff done” than actually having so much to do I don’t have a second to slow down. This lifestyle I live is ridiculous and probably a little unhealthy but right now, this season, this is how it is going to go. I could practice what I preach and “cut something out” but let’s be real, why would I do that? I could not fall asleep last night because my brain was running through marketing campaigns, blog posts, things I should most definitely add to my plate and so I laid there writing out this post until I eventually fell asleep.

I am trying (please pray y’all) to create a routine in my weeks where I have enough time to dedicate the right amount of time to the right things. TBH it’s not going well, life is irregular so therefore when I get a slight routine going, something pops up that does not fit into the puzzle, so I rearrange and the routine is doomed for that day, or maybe the next few. Balancing 18 credits in my final year of school, my real estate career, my horse (yes he needs to be ridden every day), keeping my house in order (OCD sorry babe), keeping up with friends & family, planning and organizing my bible study (and showing up), being a good wifey, planning my wedding, all while maintaining my physical health and my relationship with God. I know so many of y’all have a ton on your overflowing plate as well, I am not “special” but I know I’m relatable. This blog is essentially for me as much as it is for anyone reading it. Actually writing this, something that is not for school, my career or is in any way shape or form going to give anything back to me, is making me anxious because I’ve already created a list of to-dos in my head (yes, while typing.. You get it #multitaskerswhereyouat).

I get annoyed at myself when I’m not excelling, but I pile so much onto my plate that it is literally impossible to excel at all of it. Right now I’m working on being okay at all of the things in my routine, once I’m done with school I can work on being great at real estate but for now, good is going to have to do.

Lesson #1: you can not be great at everything, and that’s ok.

Something that is overly aggravating for us doitallers is that greatness is something we strive for, you’re probably and 8 or a 3 on the enneagram test. For those of you who haven’t taken the enneagram test, go take it so I don’t have to explain it (sorry I’m an 8). I’m an 8 wing 3, so I’m just completely screwed. I see it as God giving us an assignment for each season of our life. I’m in one hell of a busy season, therefore I feel like nothing I do is good enough, but all the pieces have to fit so I have to be ok with just being ok. I’ve felt a big push from God lately telling me to let it go if it’s not perfect. Not something I’m good at. But I’ve realized that I can not be amazing at the nine different things I currently have on my plate. And that’s ok (smiling through the OCD).

Lesson #2: stay in your lane.

A huge part of my constant discontentment with myself and my life is looking around. I will compare my 3-month-old real estate career to those who have been at it 20 years. I’ll compare the way my house looks to famous home bloggers on Instagram… and Joanna Gaines. I’ll compare my horse and our career together to those who do horses for a living. I’ll compare my body to athletes on Instagram. I’ll compare my faith to those who post a bible pic everyday. Basically, I compare my overflowing plate to those who have gotten really good doing one thing. This is INSANE. Right now, for this season, I am learning to be ok with being average (and omg it’s so annoying)... but if I can’t take anything away, I have to learn to balance. And I am only one of me (like for real why aren’t clones a thing yet?) so I can not be a #1 agent, a home blogger, an instafamous body model, a wedding planner and a professional rider. While this would be a dream, it’s not real or possible. God has been telling me to stay in my lane (amen) and I’m workin on it! We have so much access to so many professionals showcasing their gifts that we shrink our own. Stay in your lane.

Lesson #3: WWJD

Last but certainly not least is the ultimate WWJD…

With my overwhelming schedule, and I’m sure many of you can relate, I find myself praying for all the little things. My prayers throughout the day go like this…

“God thank you for fulfilling _____… but could you also ______?”
“Oh I forgot to pray for _____, could you knock that out when you get a chance too?”
“Sorry that sounded ungrateful, what I wanted to ask was__________”
“Lord you’re literally amazing buttttt what I meant was __________”
“Not tryna tell ya how to do your job buttttt ____________”
“God you’re the real OG thank you for allllll these blessings, I also need help with _______”

My prayers may not be up to the Christian standard but I feel God answer, guide and touch my life in every prayer I pray, whether a 2-second long prayer or an all-day conversation.

So talk to Him y’all.

Never be so busy in your routine that you can’t talk to God. Sometimes I simply ask Him to shed light on what I should be focusing on.

Most importantly - in the WWJD department of this blog…

You’re never too busy to be nice to be people.

You’re never too important to be nice to people.

You’re never too rich to be nice to people.

When life gets hectic, when us doitallers feel like everything hits like a truck, ask yourself WWJD (If I’ve been saying this over and over and you’re like what is she talking about…. WWJD is What Would Jesus Do) Sometimes take a minute, take a breath, have a quick convo with God and remember you’re blessings. I’m so guilty of this. I’ll get so stressed out with money, my to-do list, the never-ending car issues, running out of time to give my horse the time he needs, etc., that I get home and I am out of love or smiles to give anyone. Bless my fiance who will take it all on with hugs and open arms.

So, to all you doitallers…

You’re not amazing at everything on your plate, and it’s ok. Stay in your lane and stop comparing your life to those around you or on that tiny screen. When in doubt ask yourself WWJD.

Hopefully, this gave you a flicker of hope in the busy season you are in. So my lovely little overachievers, perfectionists and downright to-do list packers, we will be ok!!! Your schedule does not determine your final destination. Breathe.

Thanks for reading.


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