A Week in Paradise: Maui, Hawaii

A lot has to go into a vacation to make it perfect. The place you stay, the location, the weather, food, access to that food, people (and local culture) and so much more. Well, we stayed in Kihei, Maui for 7 days and everyone of these categories was a 10/10. It was, to say the least, unreal. People asked me about my favorite things while we were there so I'm going to give you the scoop on how we made our 7 days so perfect.

Where we stayed:

We stayed in Kehei, Maui in an ocean view condo at the Kamaole Sands. I'll link our exact condo; it slept the six of us comfortably and we could have had another person no problem. The owner was a doll to deal with and the place was gorgeous, extremely clean and had everything we needed. We had a gorgeous view from our balcony and it was a quick walk through the parking lot and across the street and we were on the beach.

Click HERE for our condo (:

The perfect week...

Day 2:

On our first full day we woke up and went surfing which is officially a new obsession of mine. I never thought it would be something I would be remotely good at let alone LOVE. But y'all... it is so much fun and the coolest feeling.

We used the local surf shop called Wave Riders, in Kihei, to rent boards. You can take lessons through them too but my dad surfed for about 8 years so we just took his advice and winged it! It was only $20 per person for a board ALL DAY. If you are a student you get 50% off so we paid close to nothing. Definitely the best pricing in Maui.

Maui Wave Riders LINK (:

After surfing we beached it at the Kaamaole sands beach across the street from our condo, which is a gorgeous little beach. A bit too busy for my liking but you could see the most gorgeous sunsets and it got less busy as the day went on.

Kokomo Cocktail (yes it's on the happy hour menu)


For dinner we drove to Lahaina where we got drinks and ate at Fleetwoods. The food and drinks were absolutely unreal. We got there in time to get drinks on their happy hour which is 50% off select cocktails and all beer and wine. The cocktails were delicious and hand crafted. They have a whole rooftop section that has an unreal view looking over the ocean with a prime spot to watch the sunset. Everything down to our sweet server, Jesse, was perfect!

Day 3:

With everyone hooked on shreddin the gnar (lol), we surfed again the second morning!

After surfing we went and checked out a beach down the road (we had to drive). The beach is called Pa'ako Beach. We originally went because there was supposedly a secret beach that you could climb over to... well we checked that out and the secret beach is definitely not a secret, and no one on it has any secrets. Naked butts everywhere. I'm talkin full blown nude beach. As I walked down to get onto the beach I looked to my left and BOOM full penis was right in front of me coming out of the bushes. Slightly scarred I looked down at the beach to realize these little guys were everywhere!! So basically, unless you love see old man junk and old ladies tits, I don't recommend crossing over to the "secret" part of Pa'ako. But the public "not so secret" beach is beautiful and I definitely would recommend going.

Boo thang... unfortunately, he kept his shorts on the whole beach trip

We walked out on a ledge to get some pictures and spotted about 7 humpback wales swimming only a couple hundred yards off shore. They put on quite the show for us, it was breathtaking!

Day 4:

Road to Hana...

I'm going to be honest I think we were all pretty disappointed at the road to Hana. It's extremely hyped all over the internet and while there are some very beautiful spots, the drive is honestly not worth it. It's about 3 hours up and 3 hours back down the mountain on extremely winding roads (do not go if you get car sick easily). Hana is an unimpressive little town. The best part was definitely the black sand beach but it was very busy and very small. The look out points were breathtaking, but again, almost not worth the drive.

There was also a bamboo forest that you climb through and get to little water springs which are pretty but still.. not worth the drive.

We ate in Hana at food trucks that were delicious but..(you guessed it).. not worth the drive. Luckily we had a full seven days so one day that was too much driving did not deter the trip at all!

Day 5:

On our 5th (Christmas Eve) day we decided to just chill and recover from all the driving! We hung out on the beach almost all day and then went to a evening service at a local little church. The service was interesting and incorporated Island culture into it. We cooked super tender ribeye steaks that were to die for!

Day 6:

On Christmas Day we drove back to Lahaina to walk around and get Hawaiian shaved ice from the famous Ululani's.

It is not your typical shaved ice that we think of. It is so. freaking. good. After window shopping and shaved ice we went and got drinks and lunch at Monkey Pod. Monkey Pod is unreal y'all. 10/10 recommend going it is literally delicious. We had their famous Mai Tai and it was so good I now crave one every day. The view from the restaurant looks out over the beach and it is gorgeous.

The famous Monkey Pod Mai Tai

For dinner we bought fresh caught fish from a guy literally in a van on the side of the road (sounds sketchy but I guess he's well known!)

Fish guy!!!

It was amazing fish we made our own incredible fish tacos at home and each had about 5 they were so good.

Day 7:

We needed one more day of surfing so we headed back out onto the waves. Delaney (my sister) and I tried smaller boards (the smaller the surf board the harder it gets) and I struggled a bit a first until a local gave me some pointers and then I figured it out. Crazy how different the balance is on a smaller board but of course SO FUN. After surfing we ate again at our favorite fish taco truck and then drove down the road to get shaved ice again from another Ululani's location... I'm not kidding when I say this stuff is like crack.

Favorite taco truck (amazing fish tacos and wraps) just a quick walk from the surf shop!

Then we had a little fam photo shoot and depression set in that we had to leave the next day!

The day we left we were able to sneak in a lunch at The Mill House, an incredible farm to table resturant. I will link it below! The food is divine and creative. But the view is the most amazing part. Everything is grown on the plantation which the restaurant sits on.

The Mill House Link (:

The Mill House restaurant view

Need less to say, our trip was perfect. The places we went are all in bold and feel free to reach out with any questions!!!

Kihei, Maui... I will be back!!!



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