What Plan is best for you?

Phase #1

Minimalist  staging using your furniture and my decor.  Some furniture will be provided if needed.  This is the best plan if you are still living in your home

Pricing from $1800

Phase #2

This is slightly more staged than phase #1.  In phase #2 we use most of our furniture and decor.  We often will use your rugs, plates, kitchen wear etc. 

Pricing from $2200

Phase #3

In phase #3, the home is empty. This is perfect for new builds or if you have already moved everything out.  Phase #3 staging is our favorite! 

Pricing from $2500


My staging prices are much different than other companies. Here's how we work...

Months 1-2 is a fixed flat-rate of one payment depending on the square footage of your home.  AFTER month 2 comes to end you pay a smaller fee month to month. If your home sells (which we think it definitely will) within the two months, all you pay is the flat rate, one-time fee.

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