On a warm October night, Maxine was behind at the bar at the very classy joint known as Two Keys. Colt, who was also bouncer there, was out with his friends. The two of them had been eyeing each other for a couple of weeks but Maxine thought he was probably full of himself and Colt was in no way getting into any sort of relationship for the time being. As the night progressed, a very annoying guy began hitting on Maxine from the other side of the bar, loud, aggressive, and downright obnoxious and despite Max's best efforts, he would not leave her alone. She called out to Colt who had just come to her bar (for like the fifth time) and asked him if he would pretend to be her boyfriend for a second so this annoying guy would go away. He shot her a wink and said "I got you, hold on a second..." before she knew it, Colt had swung around and was on the other side of the bar. He put his hand around her waist, kissed her on the cheek, and said "Hey babes, how's your night going" loud enough so annoying drunk guy could hear. Frazzled and slightly weak in the knees Max just smiled weirdly, not knowing how to respond as he cruised back around to go hang out with his buddies.
After learning that Colt grew up rodeoing, Max was pretty sure this tall drink of water had to be temporary because there is no way she had just found a man who rides horses.
Colt was convinced this girl would run very soon, but despite his jokes and leaving for periods of time, she made it clear she thrived on her own and no, she was not going anywhere.
Needless to say, the "fake boyfriend" became a real boyfriend and that real boyfriend then became a fiance and the rest is history.

In November 2019 Max and Colt eloped with an intimate ceremony on the Likenhus farm. Their love has only grown every day since then and through their amazing connection with each other and with God they have begun to build a life together that some might say only exists in fairy tales.  Together these two are unstoppable and they can not wait to share their story, love, and most special day with all their loved ones on July 3, 2021.

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