Hi! I'm Max.

I started this blog because If found myself writing blog posts in my head with nowhere to put them.  In here I'll be writing about adventures, life, successes and failures, and of course, coffee. I tend to be immune to drama, too intense for most girls and fueled by sarcasm and caffeine.​  I live my life as if I'm already a famous blogger and try to do everything with as much umf as possible.  I believe in eating healthy and eating A LOT, working out because it makes you feel good (not because some insta model told you to) and loving everyone until they give you a reason not to. I love guns, I think shoes are easily the most fun thing to purchase, and coffee tastes better when you make it yourself.  

I believe God is so good and I follow Him in everything I do. 

I have a 5 year plan to become a millionaire and if that's too bold for you,

well darlin.. we won't get along. 



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